Maxi Cosi Capsules from Bubs n Grubs

Maxi Cosi Car Seats Offered by Bubs n Grubs

Protecting your child is one of the most essential responsibilities when it comes to listing the most essential things in life. Maxi Cosi Baby Capsules might be one of the best essential things where you will protect your children whether it may be a cross-country commute or a short car ride to the store.

Maxi-Cosi is a product designed for children of all ages – from Newborn right through to approximately 8 years of age. The front-facing design of this Maxi Cosi is highly positioned to allow your child see things from outside easily. On the other hand, Maxi Cosi is adjusted with a 5 reclining positions for the child.

Maxi Cosi

Maxi Cosi on Safety

It has a side Protection system, a clever routing system and a standard 3-point seat belt, which ensures a tight safety protection in the event of side effects in an accident for your child. It has adjustable harness and headrest to ensure a continuity safety and comfort as your child grows.
Maxi-Cosi has a detachable cover, which can both be replaced and be removed. You can buy a replacing spare cover separately to use it while cleaning the other one. During hot weather in summer, you can use a Maxi-Cosi summer cover for extra coolness of the child.

Maxi Cosi are number 1 in the European Market.  They were the inventor of baby capsules.  This gives Maxi Cosi an advantage and this is why they are the first to release new safety technologies such as Air Protect.

Air Protect & Maxi Cosi

Air Protect is a side impact protection technology which involves the use of controller release of air to cushion the childs head dirring a side impact type accident.  Side impact collissions account for approximately 40% of child injuries in a car seat.  This is a critical innovation by the Maxi Cosi Company. Check out the video below for more information on the revolutionary technology by Maxi Cosi.

Bubs n Grubs

For Great Deals on Maxi Cosi Products – check out Bubs n Grubs Baby Shop and get the best deal possible along with super fast delivery to your door anywhere within Australia.

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Babyhood Tourer & Stealth 4 Light Weight Compact Stroller Deal Save Over $130

Babyhood Tourer 3 Stroller & Babyhood Stealth 4 Stroller Light Weight, Compact Folding Strollers

If you need a Light Weight 3 of 4 wheel stroller with a large basket that is light weight and has a super compact fold – the babyhood stealth and babyhood tourer is the stroller for you – Only available from Bubs n Grubs and it will only last a few days at best as there is very limited stock.

The Babyhood Tourer 3 and Stealth 4 Stroller – The new generation in compact strollers. The Tourer & Stealth are designed with all the features you need. With an easy and extremely compact folding system, yet a full sized stroller when unfolded! This stroller is Ideal for traveling on a train, plane or car and is Highly maneuverable front wheel that can rotate 360 degrees and lock. The Babyhood Tourer 3 and Stealth 4 Strollers offer a couple of other things other compact fold strollers don’t – Height Adjustable Handles and A Shopping basket that is of a decent size!

Babyhood Stealth 4 StrollerThe Babyhood Tourer 3 Stroller Features:
– Newborn to 17kg
– Full Sized Buggy when unfolded
– Adjustable 5 point harness
– Large hood with window
– Removable bumper
– Individual foot brake
– Lockable front wheel
– Under basket
– Optional babyhood Infant Car Seat adaptor
– Optional Maxi Cosi adaptor
– Available in Black and Red
– Weight – 8.1kg
– Folded 78cm * 40cm * 38cm

Babyhood Stealth 4 StrollerThe Babyhood Stealth 4 Stroller Features:
– Newborn to 17kg
– Full Sized Buggy when unfolded
– Adjustable 5 point harness
– Large hood with window
– Removable bumper
– Individual foot brake
– Lockable front wheel
– Under basket
– Optional babyhood Infant Car Seat adaptor
– Optional Maxi Cosi adaptor
– Available in Black and Latte
– Weight – 8.1kg
– Folded 78cm * 40cm * 38cm

Babyhood Tourer 3 Stroller & Babyhood Stealth 4 Stroller

Compact Fold Stroller

Whether you’re traveling by car, bus, subway or even bicycle, the Babyhood Tourer 3 & Stealth 4 Stroller lets you do as you please – without any obstacles or barriers.

Babyhood Stealth 4

Travel System

For a Newborn – simply add the car seat adaptors and just click your Maxi Cosi Car seat straight in and you have a Travel System.

Babyhood Stealth 4 Stroller with Maxi Cosi


Optional Carry Cot

Add the Babyhood Carry cot for your NewBorn

Large Shopping Basket

Comes with A Practical size Shopping basket!

Babyhood Stealth 4 Shop[ping Basket


Babyhood Tourer 3 Stroller

SAVE $142!

pay ONLY $157


Babyhood Stealth 4 Stroller

SAVE $132!

pay ONLY $167

Bubs n Grubs VIP Members Can Access This One Time Offer – Click Here Now and Place Your Order Before It Runs Out and The Prices Goes Back Up.

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Maxi Cosi Complete Air Wins Mother and Baby Award in Australia

Yes, that’s right – The Maxi Cosi Complete Air Car Seat has just been awarded the Best Car Seat Award by Mother and Baby in Australia according to Bubs and Grubs Baby Store.

Maxi Cosi Complete Air Car Seat from Bubs n Grubs Award from Mother and Baby Bubs n Grubs have always been a big fan of All Car Seats that boast the unique Air protect Technology.  This is because according to statistics, approx. 40% of child injuries in a car seat are from side impact type accidents.

The Australian Distributors of Maxi Cosi and Safety 1st (Air protect is exclusive to those two brands) have done extensive testing in their own car safety testing labs and know all too well, the benefits that this technology offers in terms of protecting a child from head injury in a side impact type accident.

Bubs and Grubs do their own extensive independent research and choose specific products accross all the different ranges and take into account safety, quality, practicality of design and cost into account before deciding if they will stock each product.

In the car seat arena, Bubs n Grubs decided after all of their research to only stock the two brands who offer air protect technology to their child being Safety 1st and Maxi Cosi.

What also makes this car seat unique is that there is no need for a “H-Harness” as the child gets older.  This improves the ease of the child getting in and out of the car seat as well as safety in Bubs n Grubs opinion. The Quickfit Harness system of the Maxi Cosi Complete Air Car Seat means you adjust the harness from the front with the head rest as well!

If you are in the market for a car seat for your child – you can’t go past the Maxi Cosi Complete Air Car Seat.

For more information on the Maxi Cosi Complete Air Car Seat, Video reviews and our current lowest price in Australia – see

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Babies Should Not Sleep In Your Bed – Coroner Says

The Bubs n Grubs team felt this article was important to share.

Parents sleeping in the same bed or even on a sofa with their babies are putting their children’s lives at risk, a Victorian coroner has said.

Coroner John Olle said a parent sleeping in the same bed with an infant aged under 12 months was “inherently dangerous”, following his investigation into four babies who died of SIDS after co-sleeping.

I am satisfied sharing a sleep surface with an infant is an inherently dangerous activity

Mr Olle found babies should sleep on their back in a cot in the same room as their parents for the first six to 12 months of life.

“I am satisfied sharing a sleep surface with an infant is an inherently dangerous activity,” he said in the Victorian Coroners Court.

“Caregiver/infant sharing of sleep surfaces, beds, sofas, mattresses and armchairs, increases the risk of infant death from a fatal sleep accident, and may increase the risk of infant death from SIDS.”

Judge Olle recommended a consistent and clear message on the risks of co-sleeping be provided to parents before and after the birth of a child.

The findings echo the statements made on the Sids And Kids website, which recommends that “after feeding and cuddles, baby is placed into their own separate and safe sleeping place, next to the parents’ bed.”

“Experts agree that it is important for parents to be in close sensory contact with their baby, and they also agree that a cot or bassinet next to the parents bed achieves this closeness,” it reads.


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Bubs N Grubs, The Provider Of The Best Glider Chairs

If is a well known fact that Bubs N Grubs are The Provider Of The Best Glider Chairs

written by: Majisha Mohandas

Sovereign GliderA glider chair is a type of furniture that is very useful when it comes to feeding infants. The chair is designed and made safe for babies and toddlers to use and its rocking motion feature makes feeding a lot easier. This kind of chair also has several types to choose from. Out of the many suppliers of glider chairs, Bubs n Grubs is the best to go to when it comes to providing Glider Chairs at costs where parents and guardians can surely afford.

Bubs n Grubs knows all things that are best for babies. Furthermore, they consider keeping everything at reasonable prices because they know how hard the economy is today. There can be tons of reasons why clients must choose Bubs n Grubs as their number one choice for their baby needs. Firstly, this baby store only offers their clients the best brands of baby stuffs. Before the products can be seen by the clients, Bubs n Grubs will do initial assessment and evaluation to ensure its worth to be sold to parents. This is something that is not done by all other baby shops out there. The clients are a top priority for Bubs n Grubs, thus they make sure clients are only given the best for their babies. Second, Bubs n Grubs make sure that the products are at its most reasonable prices as possible. Money will never be an issue when coming in the store. Next, the store makes sure that they are able to provide options to their clients like delivery method options, shopping options, and payment options. The Bubs n Grubs can be accessed worldwide through online shopping and payments can be made through several ways other than the traditional method of payment. Lastly, Bubs n Grubs keep their clients happy and satisfied through regular giving of freebies, discounts, and great offers.

One of the many in demand and most sought after products in Bubs n Grubs is the glider chair. A glider chair can also be called as a chair for nursing moms and their babies. Once a baby is born to the family, there is no other better way of showing love to him but by giving him healthy and nutritious breast milk. A glider chair facilitates the bonding between the mom and the baby during this very special feeding time. Furthermore, a glider chair is not like any ordinary chair which can rock and glide. In Bubs n Grubs, the glider chairs are especially designed for feeding babies. Security and comfort are top priorities of a glider chair especially because it involves carrying and facilitating a baby. Among the top selling glider chairs in Bubs n Grubs are Manhattan, Monaco, Diva, Savannah, and Sovereign glider chair. All these glider chairs are carefully made and designed to bring comfort, safety, and convenience all together in a chair. All clients can surely choose from a wide range of glider chair choices, ranging from different styles and colors. Clients are ensured of high quality products because these glider chairs always come with a long and reasonable warranty. Without a doubt, for a satisfactory and best buy glider chair for babies, the only place to be is Bubs n Grubs, where everything is made perfect and affordable for customers.

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Top Baby Car Seats from Bubs N Grubs Baby Shop

Top Baby Car Seats from Bubs N Grubs Baby Gears

written by: ham088

Bubs n Grubs is an online store and the home of the finest baby products that are carefully chosen and are guaranteed to be made of durable and high quality materials. Enjoy as much as 20% discounts from various selections of baby gears like baby car seats and accessories. All baby safety products such as car seats are uniquely designed to suit a baby’s needs and safety.Safety 1st Sentinal Baby Car Seat with Air Protect

It is a one-stop store where parents can find almost everything that they need to keep their babies happy. Other products aside from car seats are cots, bassinets and mattresses, rockers and booster seats. If you are looking for baby accessories for baptism and birthday presents, they have them at very pocket-friendly prices. Their distinctive baby car seats come in many different colors and also have plenty of accessories to make them more comfortable.

Bubs n Grubs suggests buying the best baby car seats for tots to keep them safe and comfy when in transit. Babies love to travel but one must take precautions so that they will do so without getting bumped and harmed. This store is known to deliver their goods right on time because they have equally excellent logistics partners. This is the only online store that promises to deliver the same day orders. Be sure to place your orders in their lists before 4 pm and you can be assured of fast product release.

However, take note that oversized baby car seats may take some extra time to get delivered. The company needs to ensure that customers get satisfied with all services and product quality. The best thing about this store is that they do not charge excess fees for shipping baby items. If you reside in Brisbane, you can also choose to pick your items up to ensure that they are top quality and have them exchanged if you wished to replace them with other items.

The Bubs n Grubs website has a live customer service support staff that will be very happy to attend to your needs. Ask queries regarding prices, product specifications or anything related to their products and they will provide prompt answers. Find the best prices and promotional items, too. Navigate the site with ease and utilize the user-friendly search box. Searching for baby products is actually very easy. Shopping with them is truly a worthwhile experience because the staff attends to clients in a more personalized manner. Their consumer support team consists of conversant and passionate professionals who are willing to serve and share their brilliant ideas just to give fulfilling service.

Baby car seats, accessories and other baby products must have also passed regulatory commissions to ensure that they are non-toxic and are safe for use by really young children. Bubs n Grubs ensures that babies will be safe with the products and one where parents can have the best shopping experience. Paypal is also accepted. There is also a forum section where one can ask about the pros and cons of buying particular brands of baby products from Bubs n Grubs.

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